Mindfulness Conference - Jack Kornfield

Jack is a leader in the Mindfulness field. He is both a Buddhist monk and clinical psychologist and one of the best vipassana meditation teachers and speaker you will experience. It is a unique opportunity to hear Jack teach. He is the founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center outside of San Francisco. He is the author of eight books including “A Path with Heart”.

Learn from Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. at the Awakening To Mindfulness Conference - April 2-4, 2009.

Teaching: Transformative Principles of Buddhist Psychology

In this first session we share the twelve most transformative principles of Buddhist Psychology. Based on the recognition of each person’s Buddha Nature and nobility, this is a psychology of compassion and inner transformation. We explore the fundamental principles for the alleviation of suffering, the range of mindfulness trainings, the recognition of multiple levels of consciousness, positive mental health, shift of identity, human potential and tools for emotional healing and awakening. Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. & Tara Brach, Ph.D.

Teaching: Practices & Applications of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy

In this session we use case studies, storytelling and direct exercises to illustrate the power of mindfulness and presence in psychotherapy practice. We illustrate how to introduce and work with practices of mindfulness of body, feelings, mind and relational fields. We include important Western research and how the field of mindfulness studies has grown.

Teaching: Awakening the Good Heart –Cultivating Loving Kindness & Self-Compassion

The awakening heart is described in Buddhist Psychology as filling with lovingkindness, compassion, joy and peace. In this session, we explore the powerful and radical ways to evoke these beautiful qualities.

Teaching: Meditation Strategies for Working with Fear and Shame

One of the greatest forms of suffering in our culture is self-aversion and the fear of personal failure. Buddhist practices of mindful presence and self-compassion directly de-condition the patterns of beliefs and feelings that imprison the heart. This session includes case studies, guided meditations and Buddhist teaching that address healing difficult emotions and discovering our natural goodness and wholeness.

Teaching: Stopping the War –The Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts and liberations available to the human heart. Buddhist psychology teaches that forgiveness can be learned and developed, for ourselves, for others, individually and in the difficulties and troubles of the world. In this session we explore ways to cultivate the transformative art of forgiveness, through cases, practical examples and our own direct practice.

Teaching: Widening the Circles of Compassion – Meditation and the Healing of Our Earth

In this session, we learn how to empower our clients/patients to embody the power of mindfulness, so that our circle of connectedness and love widens to embrace the healing of the earth and benefit all that lives. “We are not independent, but interdependent”, declared Buddha; “tied to a single garment of destiny” said Martin Luther King, Jr. This is the reality taught to us by mindfulness itself. Breathing in, we quiet the mind and open the heart. Breathing out, we bring our gifts to the world. These two breaths express our wisest human fulfillment.

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