Washington DC Compassion and Wisdom Conference
Thursday, May 15th (Early 8:00 am start today!)

Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD

She has provided multiple articles for your reading, along with a powerpoint handout of the morning presentation.

Kristin Neff, PhD

Friday, May 16th   (9:00 am conference start)

Barbara Fredrickson, PhD    (No Handouts Provided)
Frank Ostaseski

  • Being A Compassionate Companion
  • Compassion & Attunement
  • The Five Precepts of Service (English & Spanish)

Christine Courtois, PhD 
Plus some articles for you to read

Saturday, May 17th   (9:00 am conference start)
Tara Brach, PhD     (No Handouts Provided)
John Briere, PhD

Christopher Germer, PhD

Before printing:
Our speakers/teachers have provided you with a lot of information. Remember that you do not need all of it for the conference….some is for you to “digest” at your leisure and interest.
Public transportation will be much easier!

  • Valet parking at Marriott Marquis is $55.00.
  • Attached is information on nearby parking lots (click here).
  • Nearest Metro Station (Metro Map):

Mt. Vernon Place 7th St. / Convention Center 0.1 mile(s) E
As always, be mindful of those with allergies to fragrances. We suggest that you wear layers to adjust to the temperature in the conference rooms. Also, keep in mind that we do not provide snacks or meals at the conference, although they will be available at the hotel.
CERTIFICATES will be mailed to you (at your registration address) by the end of May. Remember to sign in each morning, and turn in your evaluation on your last day.
We look forward to seeing you!
The FACES Team

Richard Fields, Ph.D., Deborah Jerome,
Pouria Montazeri & Bev Edwards