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FACES endeavors to continue to provide superior conferences on a variety of topics to improve counseling skills.

The conferences are a contribution to both the mental health and alcohol/drug recovery fields by:

1) Updating content and counseling skills for counselors in the field
2) Preventing burnout and vicarious traumatization by counselors
3) Improving the networking and connection among mental health professionals

Our goal is to help retain care givers in the field and to help new practitioners to develop as mature clinicians.

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Since 1986, FACES has been developing and delivering "state of the art" conferences on mental health and alcohol/drug recovery topics. The conferences are targeted for psychologists, mental health counselors, nurses, social workers, school personnel, criminal justice staff, and alcohol/drug counselors.

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FACES is emerging as a leader in the delivery of mental health and alcohol/drug recovery conferences due to the commitment, talents, and energy of Richard Fields.

Richard Fields, Ph.D., owner/director, brings an expertise to FACES based on his over twenty-five years of experience in conference development and delivery and private counseling. Formerly the assistant director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse's Western Regional Training Center, he has conducted training throughout the Western United States. As a consultant, Dr. Fields has worked to develop a number of University and College programs, creating educational classes, workshops and conferences (UCLA Extension, Dept. of Allied Health and Medicine, University of Washington, School of Social Work Extension, Seattle University, Edmonds Community College, University of California, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz and others). Dr. Fields is the author of Drugs in Perspective, 5th edition, McGraw Hill, 2003. This college textbook is standard in most alcohol/drug studies programs.

Dr. Fields has a private counseling practice in Bellevue, Washington. For counseling, coaching and/or consulting information, please call cell (425) 891-9414.

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If for any reason you need to contact FACES, please don't hesitate to use one or more of the following ways. We look forward to hearing from you.

Address: Faces Conferences & Home Study Programs
1309 114th Avenue, Suite 104
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (877) 63-FACES   (Toll Free)
(877) 633-2237
(425) 868-7253
Fax: 425-868-0557

[email protected] or
[email protected]

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