Kenneth Minkoff, MD is medical director of Arbour-Choate Health Management, a division of Universal Health Services, and a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He has been a board member of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP) since 1990, Chair of the Health Care Systems Committee since 1993, and has been actively involved in development of the AACP guidelines for medical leadership in systems of care, managed care formulary guidelines, quality managed standards of care for PSMC, and LOCUS.
Dr. Minkoff views community psychiatry as an avocation and a passion. He has been director of a community mental health center, and chief of psychiatry in a community general hospital, prior to his current position. His major areas of expertise are dual diagnosis and public sector managed care. He has written extensively on integrated treatment approaches for dual diagnosis, including co-editing (with Robert Drake) Dual Diagnosis of Major Mental Illness and Substance Disorder (1991), and has recently co-edited (with David Pollack) Managed Mental Health Care in the Public Sector: A Survival Manual (1997). Dr. Minkoff is a long-standing member of the Committee on Community Psychiatry of the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry, and was Committee Chair for the publication of A Resident's Guide to the Treatment of People with Chronic Mental Illness (1993). He is also a certified addiction psychiatrist, a member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatrists, and a representative to the Substance Abuse Advisory Committee of the National Council of Community Behavioral Health Providers.