Living in the Past… Living in the Future: Being in the Now

“Find the narrow gate that leads to life.

It is called the NOW.” – Echkart Tolle, The Power of Now

Berline Wall Living in the Past

It is habitual to ruminate about the past, the bad and the good, or daydream about the future, at the expense of ”being in the now”. Jack Kornfield tells a story where a friend saw a sign in a Las Vegas casino that said “MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN”. Ironically, that is what we must do in life.

Mindfulness is about embracing the now, good and bad. It is about not beating yourself up about lost opportunities and mistakes in the past. It is about loving and embracing the goodness in the life you have.

“You can certainly learn from past experiences and mistakes, and that is valuable. But most people instead focus on their failures, their wounds and their own personal inadequacies.” – Donald Rothberg, The Engaged Spiritual Life

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