Quieting the Hungry Ghost: Mindful Relapse Prevention for Maintaining Healthy Habits

Richard Fields, Ph.D.January 26-28, 2018

Ready to finally free yourself from the pattern of falling back into unhealthy behaviors, habits, and relationships under stress?

Join Richard Fields, author of the college textbook Drugs in Perspective, 9th edition (2016), and editor of several books, including A Year of Living with More Compassion, 2nd edition, 2016.

This dynamic workshop will help you to identify, learn, and practice tools and skills to use yourself or with your clients to:

  • identify and address the major cause of relapse
  • reduce stress and reactivity using meditation, mindfulness and compassion skills,
  • identify and implement relapse prevention tools and skills to maintaining healthy habits

Learn more and register at 1440.org/program/quieting-hungry-ghost